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Research Strength

Galuminium group has always been regarding the science and technology innovation as a driving force of the company development, and actively cultivating their own core competitiveness, adopting the combination mode of the " Production-Study-Research-Use ", developing effective and fruitful cooperation with Jinan university, Guangdong University of Technology, Guangzhou Institute of Non-ferrous Metals and other well-known research institutions and universities. And forming a strategic alliance with world famous enterprises, such as the European Association of Windows Doors and Curtain Wall, German SI, Germany WEISS, Italy Savio, and Singapore  LESCO.


Each year Galuminium put nearly ten million Yuan into research grants, continuously overcoming all kinds of technical problems and the company's products bring forth the new through the old. There are outstanding achievements in high-end and energy-saving field. Meanwhile, our company joined the national nonferrous metals standardization technical committee, taking participates in the authorization and examination of national standards and industry standards.


Our company sets up Galuminium Technology Center in 2003, wholly being responsible for the establishment of the Galuminium technology innovation system, the improvement of the innovation system, the transformation of technology innovation achievements, integration of production, science and research and industry and technical renovation work, so as to accelerate the use of new technologies and new processes and promote the upgrading of industrial technology.


The Expert Committee of the Whole Aluminium Industry Chain 

The Expert Committee of the Whole Aluminium Industry Chain of Galuminium Group was founded on July 26th, 2014, being the sub-committee of enterprise technology center. Technology center is made up of technical committee composed of internal staff and expert committee of outside expert’s advisers. Enterprise technology innovation related work is dominated by technical committee. And the expert committee provides professional consultation and guidance for the technical committee.

Members of the Whole Aluminium Industry Chain:

Prof. Liu Jingan (group leader)

Prof. Xie Shuisheng

Prof. Xiao Jinsheng

Prof. Zou Shaoning

Prof. Du Jiyu

Prof. Chen Shichang


Post-Doctoral Programme 

Our company is approved to found a Post-Doctoral Programme in 2013. The establishment of the Post-Doctoral Programme not only greatly improves the scientific research level and the independent innovation ability of the enterprise, helping enterprise sustainable development, but also improves the enterprise talent team overall quality. From postdoctoral assistant, some of technicians’ staff gradually grows into technical backbone. Post-Doctoral Programme plays an important role in training attracting and employing high-level personnel, enhancing the independent innovation ability and promoting the development of high-tech industry.


Our company has domestic advanced equipments and the key proprietary project laboratory. The operation management of scientific research team is highly effective and standard which can provide good research conditions for postdoctoral researchers. Post-Doctoral Programme will introduce professional talents in the field of metal materials and synthetic materials, and further research and develop the field of material to research and develop new high efficiency and energy-saving products, taking advantages of enterprise resources advantages and postdoctoral talent advantages to achieve product upgrading and promote enterprise's core competitiveness.

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