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Research achievements

Alu-wood ecological profiles

The alu-wood ecological profile is a product that our company independently researches and develops which is the national new focus. Alu-wood ecological profiles overcome the natural defects of wood, being flame retardant, waterproof, not deformation, not cracking, acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, resistant to termites and other performances, being suitable for outdoor complex environments.


Alu- wood ecological doors and windows posing gentle texture and elegant appearance are high-end building standards, such as mansion, villa and star hotels and the symbols of noble household decoration. Italy's contracted arc design is adapted to doors and windows, which highlights more charm of building materials and art. 



Alu-wood energy-saving double glazing window 

LM120 alu-wood energy-saving double glazing window is one with window sash outward opening and screen window lifting, being suitable for home decoration markets and luxury houses.

Function introduction:

(1)  Double layer structure: outward opening casement window and lifting screen window.

(2)  It can be configured with manually magnetic controlling shutter glasses, with function of privacy protection.

(3)  Stain steel gauze is beautiful, durable, free of replacement, safe and reliable.

(4)  Mound layer is auxiliary modeling, and it is convenient to process and install.

(5)  It is easy to manipulate with non-hidden handles.



knight sword handle

knight sword (Fork) handle·knight sword (Double Faces) handle

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