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Profile for Door, Windows and Curtain Wall

Post time:2015-01-02

After more than three months, the list of the most influential “Top Ten Brands of Aluminum Profile for Door, Window and Curtain Wall” in Chinese construction industry of 2014, has finally came out in November. Galuminium Group received this honor by its strong comprehensive strength and market impact.


The expert group, which was composed of property developers, building architects and industry experts, chose the enterprises applying for the event carefully to select the “Top Ten Brands of Aluminum Profile for Door, Window and Curtain Wall”. After industry election, media publicity and expert review, the China Architecture Newspaper would select the most influential top ten brands of aluminum profile for door, window and curtain wall in Chinese construction industry in the real sense.


Galuminium Group continuously follows the principle of “integrity first, quality first” and takes responsibility for the products’ quality and the services offered to customers. Thus Galuminium Group was awarded titles and certification of “Guangdong Famous Brand”, “Postdoctoral Scientific Research Station”, “State-recognized Laboratory”, “National High-tech Enterprise”, “Guangdong Enterprise Technology Center'” and “First-Level Certificate of Design and Construction on Building Curtain Wall Projects”. It’s not only a high-level endorsement for the constant innovation of hard-working researchers, but also a near certainty to the quality and after-sales service of the door, window and curtain wall for Galuminium Group to have this honor.


In the future, Galuminium Group will continuously provide the best products and service for customers, follow the principle of "people-oriented and customer-oriented", and grow with the customers by constant innovation, continuous transcendence, and giving full play to its resources superiority and efficient management mode.

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